Darrall Macqueen was the first recipient of the BAFTA Production Company of the Year Award at the Children’s BAFTAs

Billy Macqueen and Maddy Darrall met in 1987.

Darrall Macqueen is the result of their thirty-year partnership and long-held passion for creating high-quality children’s entertainment that young audiences adore.

Our shows balance original ideas, sparkling scripts and cutting edge technology with creative execution and flawless project management.

We know that the little things are a big deal when you’re a pre-schooler, so we treat them with respect, honesty and integrity to create pitch-perfect entertainment full of fun, humour and heart. Darrall Macqueen shows are child-focussed, but deliver great family viewing.

Meet our team below, then get in touch to find out more.

The team

Billy Macqueen


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Billy founded Darrall Macqueen with Maddy Darrall in 2000, following several years at The Walt Disney Company where they created and produced 25 international children’s formats.

Billy’s work with global distribution partners and international broadcasters has built a strong business and creative reputation for Darrall Macqueen, making us the go-to independent children’s TV specialist in the UK and worldwide.

Maddy Darrall


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When Maddy founded Darrall Macqueen with Billy, their working partnership was already a solid success.

Since she moved on from The Walt Disney Company, Maddy has devised, produced and overseen thousands of hours of children’s TV. Her multi award-winning shows demonstrate a real insight into the world of pre-schoolers and children, telling stories that engage and delight the whole family.

Fiona Robinson

Series Producer

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Fiona is a multi-genre Series Producer whose credits include Topsy and Tim, Waffle the Wonder Dog, Chip and Potato and the Teletubbies revision.

She has been with Darrall Macqueen since 2001 and works closely with the development team on the start-up of all our new shows.

Julie Cronshey

Head of Production

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Julie is Darrall Macqueen’s Head of Production. She oversees personnel, budgets and operations and has worked with Billy and Maddy for over 20 years.

She really knows how to get under the skin of the creative and technical aspects of making a TV show, ensuring smooth pre-production, production, post-production and delivery every time.

Will Poole

Production Manager

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Will joined Darrall Macqueen in 2014 from Nickelodeon, where he was Head of Production.

Will is the budget king! He relishes the detail of budgeting complex special effects' action and loves an exacting post-production schedule. Will is on the money, but also delivers a happy crew.

Simone Abecassis

Head of Accounts

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Simone is an experienced production accountant. She became Darrall Macqueen’s Head of Accounts in 2015.

Simone and her team oversee the UK and international financing of our co-productions, along with payroll and management accounts.

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Darrall Macqueen HQ is in the historic London suburb of Richmond Upon Thames. We’re just a stone’s throw from the river and a short stroll from beautiful Richmond Park.

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We’re in good company here amongst the many writers, entertainers and broadcasters that have called Richmond home – like Chaucer, Virginia Woolf, Sir Mick Jagger and Sir David Attenborough.

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