30th November 2018

Words by C21 Media

Teletubbies producers Darrall Macqueen and DHX Media are pushing into animated serialised storytelling for preschoolers with a show that has been acquired by Netflix worldwide.

Chip & Potato follows Chip, a friendly, curious and big-hearted four-year-old pug who always has her secret friend, a mouse called Potato, by her side.

As Chip takes her first steps towards independence, Potato is there to discreetly provide the comfort and confidence she needs to embark on the new stages in her life.

The show is produced by DHX Media and Darrall Macqueen in association with DHX Television. It is set to arrive on Netflix in 2019 and currently airs in Canada on DHX-owned Family Jr. “Series arcs in preschool animation are simply not done; we want to prove they should be” Maddy Darrall, co-founder and co-MD at UK-based Darrall Macqueen, told C21. DHX Media and Darrall Macqueen collaborated on the recent Teletubbies reboot, while DHX Media also handles distribution for Darrall Macqueen’s original live-action preschool series Waffle the Wonder Dog and Topsy & Tim.

The latter marked one of UK broadcaster CBeebies' first original drama commissions and features lightly serialised storytelling rarely seen in preschool content.

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